Monday, June 07, 2004

Open source .NET

A post from Corfield brings to this interesting open source Mono, a .NET framework runs on Linux, Unix and of course, Windows. The core includes CLI, C# compiler, Java VM, and embeddable runtime to be called from C, Perl, and Apache. And the stack provides ASP.NET, ADO.NET, LDAP, and GTK# which is a .NET implementation of Gtk+ rich client applications. Amazing?

What is more interesting is the Mono project is sponsored by Novell. Novell seems to be everywhere now owning a Linux distribution, SUSE, and an open source port of the .NET framework. Is Novell back like IBM on software? So I can finally dust off my CNA? Nonetheless, welcome back, Novell! Now that we have IBM and Novell on the side of open source and Linux, it's no wonder that Microsoft and Sun are back together again. The war on software is no longer on operating systems but on frameworks and open-standard systems. This is a good sign.


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