Friday, September 23, 2005

Meet Mr. Writely

The beginning of Web office suite is here on Writely:

Some of the features provided:
1. Print
2. Redo/Undo
3. Special characters
4. 3M note

What's the big deal? You ask. The value of Writely is document collaboration. You can co-author document with any registered Writely users, changes of your document is updated and saved automatically, so collaborators always get the most updated version of the document. You can also save your document as Word document or as a ZIP. Both works except that image can't be resolved.

Internet document collaboration has been used in many forms, most popular includes email, forum, wiki, and blog. They all lack the crucial feature: real time update, and it's being implemented on Writely. The addition of AJAX and rich UI has brought all kinds of interesting Web 2.0 projects on the Net, besides Writely, you might try Backpack and Ta-da List. Play with them now, and think about how you're going to develop Web 2.0 applications for your future projects.

Main technology under the hood: AJAX and Rich Text HTML widget. Some great Web 2.0 DHTML library: script.aculo.us, Rico, and they both are based on Prototype.

Writely is still under heavy development, for example, you might need to go to HTML view to tweak your document for Table, although I find Writely is quite useful at it's present state. Too bad, Opera is currently not supported.

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