Friday, January 06, 2006

Braille, braille

What is this?

The color combo looks familiar isn't it? Yap, you guess it, it's the color combo for Google logo, and it's the current logo on Google US site, head over there and take a look. (Well, guess you can only see it on Google site next year on 2007/1/4.)

Not sure what that means really, I know Google always have seasonal logo's but this one got me. Try clicking on the logo and see what happens. It actually brings you to Google search result page with "louis braille birthdate" as key word. Louis braille who? Following the link identifies Louis Braille was the man who invented braille, the six raised-dot system that "has been adapted to almost every major national language and is the primary system of written communication for visually impaired persons around the world."

Not sure what that means? Try this:
1. Go back to the Google logo above. Get it? No? Ok, try the next one.
2. Here is Louis Braille name in braille.

Get it now? Good. The Google logo above is the name Google in braille.

Now, how about this?

That's the name of yours truly in braille. How about finding your name in the braille alphabet? Read more on braille.

Yeh, you might think that I'm either crazy or too bored. I could very well be both any time.
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